Field Trip Safety

Whether it’s a trip to a beach, private outing at lazer-tag or the bowling alley, children will be under maximum supervision anytime we leave camp. Simple yet effective buddy systems and routine count-offs are standard on all camp trips. In addition to count-offs; high-level will have constant communication with the venue in which we occupy via radios.

We are aware of the concern regarding supervision at pools, beaches, and waterparks. Please keep in mind on all “water/swimming” excursions we will have a strict protocol in place consisting of a partner buddy system, 6-1 maximum camper to staff ratio, and various hi level administration strategically placed in the water. In addition to this protocol at the venue each and every camper will take a supervised swim evaluation at Foss prior to our first trip. We have NO free swim activities. We feel that small numbers create better camaraderie on these excursions and ultimately, we want to create the most safe and fun environment possible. Complete first aid kits (backpacks) will be taken on all excursions, as well with children’s specific medications. Either Kevin Kaminsky or Ed Reformado will ALWAYS be on every field trip regardless of groups splitting up.

Will there be swimming?

We have decided not to offer swim instruction Summer 2016, because campers cannot bear to miss a moment at camp!  Every camper will take a swim-test the first session of each camp, so we know the swim-level of each camper when we take water trips.

What will be your health protocol?


FSA Sports Camp will be a Peanut and Nut “Aware” Camp. We will request all families never pack nut products in their children’s lunches. We cannot promise every family will remember to do so, for that reason we cannot call our camp a “Nut Free” environment.

*With that in mind, Please know our staff along with directors will inspect all foods and at least 1 staff member will eat along side campers
In addition to the children bringing sack lunches, we will be working with Kiddo's Catering Lunch Program offer a variety of healthy lunches. FSA Sports Camp will offer daily snacks: neither FSA nor our food partners will serve peanut products.

Camp Health:

All FSA staff have experienced and understand the dog days of summer. In our minds, the keys to keeping kids happy and healthy over Summer are: hydration, healthy food options, rest, and shade.

HYDRATION– We will have numerous water sources (fountains and Gatorade Jugs) strategically located around the fields. Campers will not be able to use the excuse, “it’s too far, I don’t want to miss anything!” We also ask campers bring a water bottle each day to camp.

SNACKS- We will offer have a wide spread of fruit, in addition to nut-free granola and other yummy snacks!

REST- We understand the go-go-go lifestyle of sporty children, but we also understand the importance of not overdoing it, which is why we’ve implemented monitored free play – a.k.a. “Chill Time.” We will also use our daily brain buster segment to “take it down a notch.”

SHADE- Sunscreen stations will accompany all water sources. Our staff will have mandatory sunscreen checks throughout the day. Cool down stations will be located under tents in various parts of the field.

What’s for lunch?

In addition to once a week Summer Cookouts, FSA is excited to announce a partnership with Kiddos Catering Lunch program.

Lunch will be eaten inside the air-conditioned Lake Forest Country Day School cafeteria.  Sack lunches are welcomed and refrigeration is available.  No nut products are allowed: all lunches will be inspected by FSA staff.



FSA is “All In”, which means we are always inclusive. We pride ourselves in fostering friendships and this will be a major emphasis in our extensive staff training as well.

Boys in our programs understand that WE create the positive, enthusiastic, inclusive environment – NOT THEM. We are a bit old school in that the kids will never run the asylum and  will be given choices if they are not acting appropriately. We understand that no young child is perfect and each will have moments: we realize that the most important skills we leave them with will be growing as human beings. Thus, they will be given choices for inappropriate behavior as we try to build great young boys!

Additionally, our culture will focus on good sportsmanship (understanding how to win and lose appropriately) as well as teamwork and positive team chemistry.

Finally, unlike any other day camp we know, FSA will implement a new weekly ritual called “Good & Welfare."" Once a week, within their respective age group, campers will share positive stories and thank a peer for something kind they did for them that week. Our staff will help facilitate and  lead these circle discussions.

Rainy Day Programming

No two days will be alike at FSA Sports Camp, so to say we are afraid of rain would not be true! We would love a summer full of sunny 80-degree days, but we certainly appreciate the change-up rainy days allow.

Given our location and resources, we have the ability to split camp in various groups for shorter nearby trips.  We have prepared a laundry list of spur of the moment field trips: the bowling alley, ice skating & broomball, laser tag and indoor water parks.

We also have a full arsenal of rainy day programs we can execute at our facilities.  The Highwood Rec Center gym and multi-purpose rooms will be used for various indoor games, such as ping-pong, carpet ball & box hockey.  Let’s also not forget about the Gaga arena on the stage!

Our mission is to create well-rounded campers and we know certain kids shine brighter in different areas: these days are perfect for that moment!
We look forward to having “Game Show Day” – various spin-offs of the Newlywed Game (team bonding), Family Feud, 100,000 Pyramid, Sports Jeopardy, as well as charades, bingo and treasure/scavenger hunts. These types of days will be used throughout the summer with or without rain.
And…is there really a better activity than mudsliding on a football field?

We pride ourselves in creating the best times out of any given situation and being quick on our toes, so the unpredictable weather (although Kevin checks the Doppler and Radar constantly) is the least of our worries!

Regardless of weather, Campers are asked to pack a towel, extra t-shirt and shorts daily in case we decide to make it rain!

Pick-Ups and Drop-Off

FSA Sports Camp will have a strict pickup policy. Campers taking the bus will have a bus monitor, as well as take daily attendance.

Unless prior arrangements have been made, pick-ups can only be made by a parent or guardian of that child. We understand parents are always on the go and sometimes do not know their “chauffeur” service hours up until the minute, in which case you may call or email Colleen Kaminsky ( to notify us who will be picking your camper up.

We also know that how vital the use carpools are and they rotates. Please share your carpool schedule with us via email so that we have it on file. All carpool requests will be printed and a paper copy will be with us every day.

Friend Requests

We pride ourselves at FSA Sports Camp on fostering and creating new friendships. We get such a thrill out of parents asking for others boys contact info for play dates that they are not already friends with. For that reason, we do not have friend requests at FSA Sports Camp.  Our daily schedule was constructed, so boys the same age will have the same instructionals at the same time.

League teams will be made to be as even as possible and each boy will be on two separate teams the first two weeks, one team week 3 and week four on a team with kids of all ages. Our favorite aspect so that in a four-week session boys are on four different teams total - think of how many new friends they will be making! Free play and our all out camp activities in the afternoon will be together as well. Please do not worry about free play and your child being alone. Much like the “buddy system” when going in water, we also believe in the “buddy system” on land so that no child is ever alone!

FINALLY, given weather can change at any  moment, FSA will be very spontaneous with some of the excursions we take. Parents will have a full calendar ahead of time to plan for camp trips, but due to weather and the “Camp Feeling,” we will also have spur of the moment trips. Parents will always be notified of these day trips, but we may ask you at times to keep it a secret from your camper to build up ultimate excitement! For that reason we will ask that boys pack a towel and bathing suit every day.

How do we reserve a spot?

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Return Policy

Families will receive a full refund up to 12/31.  After January 1st of the camp year, FSA Sports Camp will return all, but the initial deposit ($500) plus any additional transportation fees as buses are reserved based on the number of campers in a given session.  Families will have the opportunity to use those funds as "Camp Credit" for the following year.  

No refund will be issued If a camper is excused from camp per director's decision.